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HOW-TO GUIDE: How to browse and select updates in Naviextras Toolbox?


If you already purchased update(s) on the Opel Media Nav Services, you can skip these steps and continue with reading the How to download and install updates? Guide.

After successfully connecting your USB storage and logging in, you can start browsing map updates, applications and extra content in your Naviextras Toolbox. Click the Catalogue button in the menu bar on the left hand side.

Naviextras Toolbox installation


Available updates and extra content can be filtered by content type (map, application, etc.) with the drop-down menu above the list of available updates. If a content is available for you after payment, the price and a shopping cart icon is shown for that item. If an update is available for you free of charge, an icon of a 'free' price tag is shown instead of the price. You can find out more details about the updates by clicking on the (i) icon.

Naviextras Toolbox installation


After you have purchased an update, it is added to the installation queue.

Naviextras Toolbox installation

Click the Updates button to continue with the download and installation of updates.