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HOW-TO GUIDE: How to buy updates and extras in Naviextras Toolbox (instead of buying them on the Opel Media Nav Services web site)?


Instead of buying updates and extras on the Opel Media Nav Services site, you can decide to buy them conveniently in Toolbox. This Guide explains the simple Toolbox purchase and checkout procedure.


Buying updates and extras is very similar to buying on the Opel Media Nav Services site, so this Guide will mainly explain the few differences.

You can start buying by clicking on the shopping cart icon next to the selected item. 

Naviextras Toolbox installation 


It will open a new Naviextras Toolbox window with a web-site like page with the detailed description of that item. You can add it to the cart by clicking on the Add to cart button, just the same way as on the portal.

Naviextras Toolbox installation


After adding the item to the cart, you will see your cart with a button to start the checkout process. Sometimes there are additional recommended items that you can get for a special bundle price if you buy them together with the content that is already in your cart. Click Add to Cart next to any of these items if you choose to take advantage of the special offer.

Naviextras Toolbox installation


If you would like to buy additional updates too, simply close this window and click the shopping cart icon for another item, then click the Add to cart button to add the next item to your cart.


When all items are in the cart, click on the Go to Checkout button and go through the same checkout process as on the Opel Media Nav Services site.